Pagani’s hypercars “sculpted” in Seravezza

Realising that that working randomly wasn’t enough to keep up with the times, fourteen marble craftsmen needed to get the professional knowhow needed to make their quality stand out. They knew they would not only have to work together but also find a director to represent, market and sell their precious work. And they looked for and found this person in Mariacarla Montanari founding with her, last March, the “Vie Del MarMo” company – a specialised production workshop in Querceta. Competence, creativity and passion did the rest, enabling the new company to satisfy requests in the fields of architecture, design and decorative objects in just a few months. The purchase of equipment and instruments enabled them to diversify the instruments for the artistic transformation of the stone, which with 3D technology with numerical control machines give extremely high-quality results. And the selection, from the quarries, of precious marble from unique collections, is making this all-Italian brand a success on the Italian market as well as in the Netherlands, Britain, France and even the USA. A success crowned by the start of a collaboration with Pagani, the legendary automotive brand.


Vie Del MarMo, the workshop in Versilia that collaborates with companies for companies, will create personalized luxury design objects in marble for the MAN brand – rigorously made in Italy.

The master craftsmen are enthusiastic about this new challenge and with the passion that distinguishes them they will create furnishing accessories and gifts for this prestigious brand. Two worlds so far apart, yet at the same time, closely connected by a chain of men who work for stone.

Vie Del MarMo Partnerships

The Dondolo centerpiece, capable of floating in the water, comes in the variety of colors proposed by nature.