Partnership with Horacio Pagani – THE SUPER WORKSHOP


Realising that working randomly wasn’t enough to keep up with the times, fourteen marble craftsmen needed to get the professional knowhow needed to make their quality stand out. They knew they would not only have to work together but also find a director to represent, market and sell their precious work. And they looked for and found this person in Mariacarla Montanari founding with her, last March, the “Vie Del MarMo” company – a specialised production workshop in Querceta. Competence, creativity and passion did the rest, enabling the new company to satisfy the requests in the fields of architecture, design and decorative objects in just a few months. The purchase of equipment and instruments enabled them to diversify the instruments for the artistic transformation of the stone, which with 3D technology with numerical control machines give extremely high-quality results. And the selection, from the quarries, of precious marble from unique collections, is making this all-Italian brand a success on the Italian market as well as in the Netherlands, Britain, France and even the USA. A success crowned by the start of a collaboration with Pagani, the legendary automotive brand.

What are the fruits of Mariacarla Montanari’s passion? (CEO at Vie Del MarMo)

“A passion for the world of motoring that runs in the family. Tuscan by adoption but born in Emilia, I have always had a special bond with this land that represents automotive excellence throughout the world. 

Resulting in close collaboration?

“Yes, and my collaboration with the most exclusive automotive brands started a few years ago right from this great passion. A patrimony that I brought to Via Del MarMo because Horacio Pagani’s cars  are works of art, unique pieces like the marble artwork he commissioned. 

What did you make for him?

“ Huayra, a model of the car produced by the company’s workshop in Seravezza; a limited edition, that represents experience in marble processing combined with Pagani’s technological excellence. Both unique pieces made in Italy”.

No small achievement for a new company of craftsmen?

“Horacio Pagani, is the ambitious engineering adventure of a contemporary motor legend; a man who has made his  brand unique. Born in a small town in Argentina, I remember that Horacio Pagani, a great lover of motors, moved to the Italian motor valley between Modena and Bologna, where he began as a worker at Lamborghini. His dream was to build a sports car one day and, when he had the necessary competence thanks to years of study and research, he founded his company. In 1999 he made his first car, the Zonda, followed by Huayra in 2011. Thus, he entered the Pantheon of sports motoring with motor lovers coming every year to see his museum factory in San Cesario sul Panaro”.

The marble in this case is not a luxury car accessory?

“No, the sculpture commissioned from Vie Del MarMo is the artistic expression created for Pagani’s customers: it is the second of five that have been planned. Every phase was done in collaboration with the commissioner, team work, which you can imagine nurtured enthusiasm and passion”.

The Pagani models are so extreme that they required the creation of a new category to define them, how do you adapt these gifts that are so original?

“They are hypercars, or better, supercars entirely handmade, with carbon-fibre frame and each personalised one by one. Every car is a unique model and is the timeless interpretation of automotive art. 

Di Enzo Millepiedi