Vie Del MarMo encloses 100% Italian artisan tradition that the master craftsmen of Forte dei Marmi have knowingly put into each and every creation, giving fresh new forms to the area’s marble, among which “Brezza della Versilia” with its colours that reflect the sea. This is a chance for Yacht owners to complement their living space aboard. Small and medium-sized elegant furnishing accessories, are designed and produced in various styles: classic, modern or unique pieces that express the personality of the Yacht owner.

Technological evolution brings together the experience and knowhow of the craftsmen of the past and new generations who use numerical control machines. Robotics, combined with extensive experience, result in high-quality meticulous production. The marble called “Brezza della Versilia”, is used exclusively for the realization of the objects. Its colours recall the sea and the aquamarine shade identifies perfectly with the area.