Colouring the World_

Italian marble extracted in Tuscany, with unique colours.
In exclusive, Vie Del Marmo processes and creates materials adorning wavy veins like the waves and colours of the sea.
The colours appear to be random but recall the coolness and flavour of the sea of the extraction area, Forte dei Marmi and Versilia.

Our Marbles

Brezza della Versilia

Brezza della Versilia is a compact marble, with a warm white base with aquamarine veins. The extraction area is the Versilia, Querceta locality. It is a stone that recalls the sea breeze, the blue and Tiffany  veins in waves create originality and elegance. This characteristic has recognized it as the most representative marble in the nautical sector. Suitable for furnishing accessories, objects and coverings.

Bardiglio Fiorito

Bardiglio Fiorito is a compact marble with a light gray color, characterized by anthracite gray veins with a linear pattern.

Calacatta Cielo

The Calacatta Cielo is a beautiful Italian marble, with a white / blue background with  golden and blue veins. Appreciated for its elegance and refinement, available in any finishing, this marble is used for coverings and objects.

Classic Marbles

Bianco Carrara

Carrara White Marble is one of the most famous Italian marbles in the world, it’s a marble composed of a white base with a uniform and homogeneous tonality and presence of gray veins, it’s fine-grained, with the possibility of   pyrite crystals. The quality of the Carrara material is defined by the whiteness of the background and the composition of the gray vein.


The Statuarietto is a medium-fine-grained lithotype of white color with more or less dark gray veins, of sub-millimetric thickness and inhomogeneous course, and with centimetric gray veins associated with opaques, even millimetric. The material is compact and without surface porosity. Little pyrite crystals may appear.


Calacatta is a compact lithotype with a brecciated appearance, also with pluridecimetric, white, afanitic clasts, with thin and light brown-yellow veins, immersed in a fine-grained, more or less clear gray cement, locally characterized by dark veins. There are rare surface porosities.


Portoro is a valuable stone with a deep black background and gold veins. The extraction area is La Spezia, precisely in Portovenere. Portoro marble is a stone of great nature and beauty; its originality and elegance make it suitable for prestigious coverings and modern and ornamental furnishing accessories.

Nero Marquinia

Black Marquiña marble is an intense black material with a very compact background  extracted from Spanish quarries. This natural stone is crossed by irregular veins of white or light gray color, more or less marked with a diagonal pattern, a detail that gives to the Black Marquiña marble an original and modern appearance, never taken for granted. Nero Marquiña is a versatile material that can be applied in different types of projects for indoor and outdoor environments such as floors, stairs, kitchen tops, windowsills, columns, pool coverings and fireplaces. Furthermore, this stone can be used in combination with other marbles, especially the white and gray ones, which can underline and highlight  aesthetic qualities of black Marquiña marble.


Paonazzo is a compact fine-grained lithotype with an overall ivory color, locally tending to beige yellow and purplish red, with irregularly shaped veins, also anastomizzantesi, of black, greenish color, limitedly passing to purple, with yellowish areas with a sub-parallel course to the veins, areas due to presence of limonitic oxides and hematite.

Statuario Venato

Statuario Venato is a clear white material with many and large light-dark gray veins. The main feature of the Statuario Venato white marble is its very fine grain called saccaroid texture which makes it suitable for use in design projects but also in sculpture, thanks to its uniformity and consistence.